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SUPRA Muska Skytop II Design Review

As I've said before, and due to date of Supra Muska Skytop II release starts at 21 November 2009, which I can't join the rush in queuing the individually numbered Skytop II, cause I've lived outside the world. According to their world tour. Well for now I'd just let my self enjoy the image that been shared by
They start the global tour at Colette Paris, France, 21st of November 2009. And ended the world tour at Wish Atlanta, USA, on 7th of December 2009. I don't have any hint bout how much it would priced, and since I've been tryin' to discover how much did it would cost, the more blurry I had bout it, but some say it would cost around $140.00,  to $170.00. Well If you interested to purchase one, here you go the shop list you want to sarge to get the SUPRA Muska Skytop II.

What all I want to share here is bout the design, that i've said before. But then, let me give you an opening bout the SUPRA Muska Skytop first of all...
These 2nd Skytop were the latest signature model from Skateboard prodigy, Chad Muska, a professional skateboarder, slash designer, slash DJ, slash street artist, slash businessman,  and slash urban celebrity.

Whatever he actually claimed on right now, he's first achievement were professional skateboarder. And these sneaker were eventually still a skate sneaker supposed to be skated. And as Skate prodigy, slashed every talent that he had, he actually have a good ability like a midas king, touch everything and turns it into gold.

Since the release of the 1st Skytop, Supra has been claimed as the premium skate footwear, with their high quality materials, and treatment they've been given to the sneaker, and the buyer itself. Oily leather, waxed laces, extra laces, and good packaging only named a few. All the hype and rush of the 1st Skytop start when Jay-Z performing on stage with Gold package Muska Skytop's, and since then the sneaker easily turns into biggest selling in the SUPRA history itself. Colorways and package for the sneaker easily break the hype and the non skaters can have their to by purchasing the SUPRA NS (non Skate) series, that been specialized for fashion. It's bit different when Angel Cabada (supra CEO) showed the sneaker design, there's lots of laugh and dramatic comment through the 1st release, but then who get the last laugh.
After the hyped and rushed of the Skytop around 2008, Angel Cabada and Chad Muska must be shared some big thought bout how the 2nd Skytop have to look like, remember ! make second hits after big success of the first one never been easy. I've been so obviously diver these madness as F**K since I've been in the footwear design industry for 3 years, creating 2nd hits were crazy.
The sample of the 2nd Skytop's has been leaked around March to April of 2008 and it's been showed up with red leather and had it's high tongue, just look like a Back to the future silhouette.

As you can see, the 2nd skytop has a better design than the 1st one, I might say that. The 2nd Skytop looks good in their layering materials, pattern positioning, and whole of it's silhouette actually makes a better shape than the 1st one, that looked like a more unfinished pattern, and drawn from a A3 sized paper, cutted and formed into a sneaker. The 2nd offer more, there's layers, there's more subtle shape to feet, and for me the 2nd embrace more graces than before.

But for me the single layer vulcanize tape at the red sample, giving more graceness than adding mustache tape in the toe bottom area. The "clean" shape giving more graces, and differ whether you raised up your chin or just look straight a head. But then I realize that these sneaker supposed to be a Skateboard Sneaker that should be maintain better grip, and more reinforcement for the bottom, because the skateboarder needs it to stick them to the board, and achieve better board feeling.

The shiny black patented leather were layering with the grey leather from the quarter area slides through heel, and then layered with the mudguard pattern from quarter and giving more tab accent through ankle and raised to back.

But then my favorite parts were the toebox and the mudguard quarter area, they've been emblazing a classic 80's vulcanizing silhouette, and take it to next future. The clean toebox, covered with the quarter mudguard were so skateboarder like. And that's the way we like it...
Clean, simple, yet strong design...
That's why most celebrity wore it, because the design offer immortal style, matched it with baggy, fitted, or slimmer denim would be no problem, because of it's simple, and classic looks.
And now it's easily change it's pace into the fashion catwalk, celebrity that been rockin' it maybe didn't know that these sneaker actually made for skateboarding, since it's been a Signature model from Pro Skateboarder. But then, who cares it anymore, people that purchasing Skytop were actually an avid urban hypebeast that consume every hyped stuff that been producing by the "nowaday" brands. Skateboarder would bought the other Supra to skate, rather than destroying $130-$150 sneaker by the skating activity. And rather than looks like posser they would keep their sneaker with holes in it to keep it "rebel" and "street" a like. What ever it is, since I've been dedicated myself in the Skateboarding and Footwear industry, I'd giving my honest opinion bout it. Though it's been unclear yet about the overall look of the latest Skytop, I just hyped up by the news, and scene outside.
For me, I'd purchase another 1st Skytop maybe 2 more to complete my quest. I've already set myself with the Skytop Wildlife Package, and wanted more. Maybe the Black Crocks and the White leather one, before I quest the 2nd one. But it would give me more trouble, since I lived in Indonesia and there's less Sneaker store that distributing SUPRA, legit one. So I'll just waiting any to chances to get these joint  as soon as I can manage myself...
For you, that can manage yourself to purchasing these joint, enjoy it. You'd purchasing what I called "sneakers that change the whole game"...
By the way, Chad says Hi !...

My biggest thanks to and Westcoast_D from for the image I have here in  my blog...


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